Bicycle cassette : Can you change my compact 50/34 road bike setup with different gear ratio?

BIKE DELIVERY: Do you deliver / pick up bikes from my hotel or my private home?

FREE BIKE EQUIPMENT: What is included in the price of renting a bike?

FREE BIKE EQUIPMENT: What else is included in the price of renting a bike?

BICYCLE INSURANCE / BICYCLE SALVAGE: Do you provide insurance against bicycle theft or bicycle salvage in case of mechanical breakdown or accident?

BIKE PRICE LIST: How much does it cost to rent a bike from you? Can I rent a bike for just half a day? Can I rent a bike on holiday for different days?

BICYCLE BOOKING: What about your booking process? Is it necessary to reserve a bike online?

BICYCLE SEAT / PEDALS: Can I use my own saddle and/or pedals?

What size bike is right for me?

BIKE TRANSPORT: Do you provide bike transport to enable cyclists to ride the various routes around Mallorca?

SPECIALTY BRAND OR TREK BRAND: Can I have the one I want?

CYCLING PRODUCTS: Do you sell bicycle related goods such as maps or water bottles (bidons)? What is the price?

GUIDED ROAD BIKE TOURS: Are guided road bike tours something you offer?

CHILDREN'S BIKE / SEATS: Do you provide children's bicycles, children's bicycle seats or children's bicycle trailers? How much does it cost?

MOUNTAIN BIKE: Do you rent mountain bikes?

OPENING HOURS: When does your business open? How is the "rental day" calculated?

CAR PARKING: Is there parking near your store when I come to pick up my bike?

PEDAL SYSTEMS / AEROBARS: What clip-in pedal systems do you supply for free? Can I attach my own aerobars to the handlebars of my road bike?

PRIVACY AND COOKIE POLICY: What is your privacy policy and how do you protect your customers' data?

RIDEMALLORCA REVIEWS: I want to get feedback about the services offered by RideMallorca. Which review sites do you currently use?

What are the roads like in Mallorca?

BUS SCHEDULE: How do I get to you when I pick up my bike by bus?

SHOP RIDEMALLORCA: Can you advise me where I can see your bikes as I can't find pictures of what your shop looks like?

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